If you love to watch a good sunset, our primary orbital lifegiver Sol will give you quite a bit to enjoy as you watch it dip below the far horizon of the Earth and paint the sky with amazing colors from the decks of our cabins at Lakefront Cabin Rentals. What makes sunsets a particularly amazing experience with a lakefront house is that the lake effectively acts as a mirror to the sunset. If you like, you can consider it two sunsets for the price of one – or at least a really unique twist on something that was already worth the event to begin with. 😀

While all of our houses can make for good sunset experiences, these are the cabins we typically like to recommend for sun and gorgeous sky views:

* Robert’s Retreat

* Sunset Breeze

* Old Home Place

* Chapel Cove

* The Outter Cove

* Hidden Point

* Waters Edge

See more cabins that will provide incredible Smoky Mountain lake views at http://lakefrontcabins.com/cabin-searchavailability/.