In your search for area information on Douglas Lake, you may have heard our area referred to as Dandridge, Douglas Lake or even Douglas Dam as the three share nomenclature for this particular lakeside region of the Smoky Mountains, and it is a bit out of the ordinary, isn’t it? As far as tourism goes in the US, places that are famous by their reservoirs aren’t as high on the list as national parks, gambling cities, but our dam is one of many iconic elements that make the Dandridge area of the Tennessee Smokies unique.

A bit of a history lesson on Douglas Dam? You betcha!

Douglas Dam was built in 1943 after construction began 12.5 months earlier. For a hydroelectric facility this size, with four units generating electricity, a flood-storage capacity of 1,082,000 acre-feet, 513 miles of lake shoreline, 28,420 acres of water surface and a third of a mile long across the French Broad River, it was literally a world record that we were able to complete construction so quickly! Douglas Dam was part of several Tennessee Valley Authority projects designed to help drive the war effort for the continuing WWII. Now that WWII is over, thankfully, the dam, lake and all its works remain to control the water quality of the Tennessee, the lake, the French Broad river and more.

The Dam itself is available as a recreational park of sorts, easily accessible from Douglas Dam road (connecting Highway 66 between Sevierville and Kodak to Dandridge, TN) and it offers walkways, rest facilities, and a big ol’ long walk for fishing opportunities down around the lake. You can see more on the facility at

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585 Industrial Rd, Newport, TN 37821
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The Dam Store
1425 Boat Launch Rd, Sevierville, TN 37876
(865) 428-9185