Seems like the last time we had a leap year was an entire universal system lifespan ago, but 2020 is indeed a leap year, adding a 366th day to this year’s calendar (February 29th, to be precise). Furthermore, the way this leap year lines up the calendar means many holidays this year fall on or close to the weekend:

  • Valentine’s Day 2020 falls on a Friday.
  • 4th of July 2020 falls on a Saturday.
  • Halloween 2020 falls on a Saturday.
  • Christmas 2020 falls on a Friday.
  • New Years Eve 2020 falls on a Thursday, meaning New Years Day 2021 falls on a Friday.

That means we increase our number of 3-day weekends by quite a bit and have a few new vacation opportunities to provide this year. And, yes, Lakefront Cabins in Dandridge would like to invite you to spend your vacation opportunities with us on Douglas Lake for romance, Summer family fun, Fall time atmosphere, holidays and more!

See our cabins and their availability at Do it quickly as news about how the 2020 Leap Year makes for more vacation time this year is traveling fast and reservations for these times will fill up well before the last minute.

Hope to see you during a new 3-day holiday this year!